heart raps lyrics for love
Full Verse Sample (16 Lines)
Impressed how you effortless glide with that sly step
Remind me of sunsets, summer when we first met
Worse yet, couldn't shake ya face, must've been your grace
Had me star swimming, stomach knots in outer space
First there was a chase, pursued cause you was you
Had me free falling, calling, stalling, balling, seeking clues
Weekend blues, shook em loose, love under a spruce
Found truth through each other, word to Mary Mother Goose

Is it dimples or a simple smile, style how you drive me wild
Got me like a child, juvenile, type beguiled
Like tide on the sand, or ya hand laid in my mine
Sipping wine, looking fine, perfect ten, you my dime
Recline under canopies, palm trees, ocean shores
Tours set in motion, more emotions to explore
I love you like the surf play on bays under sun rays
Figured this the best way to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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