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Finding a good gift for someone you care about is hard. You want something unique that makes them feel special. Flowers and jewelry are nice but you want to do something different. You put off the gift for weeks and suddenly it's days before the event.

Don't worry; Heart Raps is here to help. We write beautiful hip-hop verses to be given as gifts. They're written for your special someone with the details you tell us, and in the style of your choice. Put the lyrics on a card, cake, framed picture or recite them in person. We make it easy by offering reasonable prices and a quick turnaround. And if you're not satisfied we'll do a revision free of charge.

Learn more about the process on our How it Works page and take a look at our sample 16 line verse. When you're ready to get started head over to our Buy Lyrics page. And of course feel free to ask us any questions or offer suggestions. We look forward to helping you make a memorable moment.

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